How to Use a Rowing Bike for Beginners

Exercising is among the ways to stay fit. There are many tools that you can use to stay fit. Some of them include a rowing bike. Most fitness experts state that rowing machines are among the underestimated although efficient gears that you can ever find in any gym. Apart from that, rowing machines are easy to find in the market. Therefore, you can easily find one for your home needs. 

Among the advantages of having a rowing bike is that it helps you to skip the monthly gym fees and the harsh weather conditions. If you want to maintain your stamina, purchasing a rower is the best decision that you can ever make. You can use it indoors especially when it is cold outdoors.

Study the machine

The first step in effectively using the machine is to study its parts and how they work. You should know which part you should use at which time. Every part of a machine has its work. For instance, rowing machines have a wheel that you can spin while pushing the handle. 

Other rowing machines have a resistance knob known as a damper. It is on the fans and helps to make spinning easy or hard. Once you purchase your rowing bike, ensure you know where a knob or a handle is found. Knowing the location of every part helps to avoid panicking when using the machine. 

Set up

Rowing machines are pretty easy to set up. But you will have to modify the feet. Also, the vertical parts that hold up the heel move down and up. Learn how to adjust them to ensure the band hits only around the upper of the shoelaces. Ensure you master the setup if you are going to use your machine at home. You will not have people around to show you how to set it up.


I’m sure you are new to rowing and that is why I want to make sure that you get every detail correct. The form is vital in rowing. In case you aren’t rowing with the right form, you might be inefficient and also begin having back pains. The same way it is with every other exercise, if you have pains, you shouldn’t continue exercising. Consider asking the trainer to assist you before carrying on with the exercise. 

Most people think that you can only modify your form is by attending the gym where you have trainers monitoring and assisting you. You can still do the same while indoors by being careful when exercising. The position where you start is known as a catch. In case you were in the water, the oar would get in through the catch.


A rowing bike is a good way to have exercise indoors. They are easily available and easy to use. The good thing is that they cut the gym costs and allow you to have an exercise without leaving your home. Now that you know how to use a rowing bike, get on your bike and stay fit.

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